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We now live in beautiful South Fork, Colorado where we do a lot of skiing. We work at Foothills Lodge and Cabins so if you want to come see the stunning San Luis Valley for yourself, just let us know because we know of a great place to stay!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wolf Creek Ski School

We were lucky enough to get to go to Wolf Creek Ski Area on opening day, thanks to our new boss and friend Karen.  There wasn't much snow yet, but there was enough for us to learn how to fall down in it.  :)  We were the only ones in school so Ken and I each had our own ski instructors, and we got to go all the way to the top of the Bonanza lift, something most newbies don't get to do.  The lift ride took about 10 minutes and from the top we could see white snow-covered mountains all around us.  We will be going back FOR SURE.  Thank you so much Karen!

Standing in a short line on opening day.
Karen is as silly as we are...
Maybe even sillier!  :-P  We love her so much already. 
Getting dressed and ready to go takes a long time.
 Sizing up Craig the Ski Instructor to see if he has what it takes.  :)
Lets hit the slopes!
C'mon Craig.. I wanna ski, not WALK!
I love it here.
 Hey!  I'm skiing!
And so is Ken!
Yep, I am definitely skiing now!  I think we're ready to try the bunny slope!
What a fun feet shot!
 Oh no! Ken knocked the instructor down!  Ha ha ha!
Ken's first fall on the slope.

See that guy on the ground between Craig's feet?  Ha ha!  He couldn't get up.  It's hard to get up with big long skis on your feet.  Just ask Ken.  Snicker.  I fell down too, it's part of it, but you won't see any pictures of that here!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!  They said we were ready for the BIG lift, so we hopped on...

And we came all the way back down.  It was awesome!
 We practically had the place to ourselves!
Look at the little ski pup.  :)  So cute!

 Stay tuned for some pics of our cabin and our first trike ride here in South Fork!

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  1. What is all that white stuff? And everybody is so bundled up! Brrrr. Karen looks nice and fun and it is obvious how much you like her. Stay happy!