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We now live in beautiful South Fork, Colorado where we do a lot of skiing. We work at Foothills Lodge and Cabins so if you want to come see the stunning San Luis Valley for yourself, just let us know because we know of a great place to stay!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Skiing on Nov 10

Not too many words required:
My boots for this season are AWESOME.  My feet never hurt now.
Riding the lift is part of the fun.
Getting to the top and seeing this all around you is a big part of what makes skiing magical.
As you can see by the sign, there is no shortage of trails to explore.

I get so HAPPY on that mountain!  I can sometimes be heard hollering things like WOOHOO really loudly on my way down.  It is otherwise quiet up there... other than the other people who yell WOOHOO too.  There seem to be a lot of happy people up there!  :)
It got cloudy when I took this picture but the powder is still so pretty.
When the sun shines on fresh powder, it sparkles like little diamonds.
Ken is getn good!
See how we have the mountain to ourselves?  This will change as we get further into the season, but since Wolf Creek doesn't have any lodging, it is usually one of the least busy ski areas in CO.  Nice!  And since we are the closest town to Wolf Creek the powder hounds from out of the area stay with us at Foothills Lodge and Cabins.

I LOVE my skis!

If you ever in your lifetime get an opportunity to try Alpine skiing, don't miss it.  It is an experience with nature unlike anything else.  It's not that hard, and the pain from falling down is totally worth it.  Seriously, it's a human experience that is not to be missed!  Thank you to Karen for getting us up there on that mountain!

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  1. (G) You guys look like real skiers! It does look really pretty. And cold!