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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday we went to the Title Co in Alamosa to sign the final papers to complete our land purchase, so as of yesterday we are the proud owners of 40 acres!!  To celebrate we camped on it last night.  We took some more pictures, planned where we will build both the camp house and the Wren's Nest, and dreamed of what our lives will one day be like when we live there.  This is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.  Now THAT is a new feeling!!!  And one I could really get used to!
 Here you can see the snow is almost gone and more green is starting to appear.
 Taken from base camp.
 Since there are no trees out there we got this thing to give us some much needed shade, and boy were we glad we got it!  
Hey Vanessa, recognize that feather?

 To give you a better idea of how BIG this property is, we took the following pictures from the corner posts.
I suggest clicking on the pics so you can zoom in.
 If you look closely at the above pic you will see the shed and our camp area.  This was taken from the NW corner post and our camp is about in the middle of the land.
Again taken from the NW corner post. The fence runs down the edge of our property, along the Bureau of Land Management land that we back up to.  Past this fence there are miles and miles and miles of solitude.
 Can you see me in this pic?  I am standing at the NE corner post and Ken is about 1/3 of the length of the property away from me!  The other 2/3 is back behind him.  This place is HUGE!
 This is our driveway coming in to the land, toward Blanca.
 And this is our driveway coming back out, toward Hwy 17.  This portion of our driveway is about a mile long and then you hit the dirt road which is well maintained, and it's about 8 miles long.
 This was taken from the NE corner post. 
 And this is from the SE corner post.
This was taken from the lake, in the general vicinity of our SW corner post.  The berm you see facing the lake is probably going to be the one we build our underground Earthship into.  First we will be building an adobe barn/camp house up on the flat area near where we camped.
Ken made a fire pit and we sat around it, talking of what our future might hold.  It also kept us warm until we could snuggle up in our sleeping bags.  It got down into the low 30s but we were cozy.  Simon helped keep us warm, too, just like when we were crossing the country last year.  He loved it this time, too!
Because of the fires in AZ and NM sometimes it was really hazy out there.  It blows my mind the smoke travels so far that we have a hard time seeing a 14,000 foot mountain right in front of us.
With a piece of land to call our own there is so much potential!  We can grow our own food, build our own earth friendly homes, and maybe even get a couple of horses someday.  The ideas are flowing and it is exciting to know that they are going to come true.

Gratefully yours,
Ken and Jen and Simon, Land Owners
Hi Mom and Dad!!  We love you!

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  1. Yeah! That looks great you guys :-)
    Congratulations!!! ( I was actually googling 'Pool Table Road' to check about camping legality and stumbled upon your site.)