Welcome to Colorado!

For those of you who followed our journey across the United States, we appreciate your support! If you've not seen The Zen of Ken and Jen click on that link to read all about the Just BeCauses TerraTrike Tour we just completed. 4500 miles of pedaling to raise awareness for Organ Donation!

We now live in beautiful South Fork, Colorado where we do a lot of skiing. We work at Foothills Lodge and Cabins so if you want to come see the stunning San Luis Valley for yourself, just let us know because we know of a great place to stay!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


 See the mountain behind our Walmart?  That is Mt Blanca, a fourteener, the 5th highest peak in Colorado and an important part of Navajo history.
 There is Mt Blanca again..  see the GPS?  It's confused about where we are!  LOL
 This and the pics that follow were taken on or from the land.
 This is a seasonal lake, empty right now but it fills up and wildlife come.  Half of it is on the land, the other half is on BLM property.

 Two sides of the property are fenced.
 Unlike most places around this area, the land has rolling hills.

 This is a small, two story shed that has been wired for electricity.
 There is a BLM easeway that borders one side of the property.
BLM Marker

 The only neighbor.  He is rarely there.
A farm we saw on the way in.  There were a few of these in the area. Electricity goes a few miles down the well-maintained dirt road but does not go all the way back to the property.

<3  It took our breaths away.  <3  


  1. Looks interesting, doesn't it? Did you get an idea of the cost of getting a well out there? The green fields are encouraging for growing things.

  2. Many people who don't live year round in the area go get their water at the artesian well not too far away. Others have water haulers who bring water to them and they store it in tanks. The land surface is misleading. In most parts of the valley water is not far from the surface and it abounds with artesian wells. The valley's soil is fertile. As the signs read in California: "Food grows where water flows". There is a wide range of crops commercially grown in the valley....potatoes, letttuce, broccoli, carrots to name a few. Wonderful farmers' markets to buy fresh grown produce, eggs, cheese and honey.

  3. I can't wait to live out there!!! Might take a bit of time, but an Earthship will "land" there eventually. I can see it already. :D

  4. I am so amazed by this land. I know you and Ken will put your awesome energy on it and in no time you guys will be living in your earthship.

  5. Thanks Toni (raw and delicious)

    We have big plans!