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For those of you who followed our journey across the United States, we appreciate your support! If you've not seen The Zen of Ken and Jen click on that link to read all about the Just BeCauses TerraTrike Tour we just completed. 4500 miles of pedaling to raise awareness for Organ Donation!

We now live in beautiful South Fork, Colorado where we do a lot of skiing. We work at Foothills Lodge and Cabins so if you want to come see the stunning San Luis Valley for yourself, just let us know because we know of a great place to stay!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Ruins

They aren't really ruins but from afar that's what they look like so that's what we call them.  We packed a lunch and went on a good hike up to these rocks and climbed around on them.  The view from up there was amazing!

You can see kinda South Fork down there in the valley behind me.

Ooo!  Whoa!  :)
Ken takes a moment to absorb the beauty, and the contrasting devastation from past fires.
 Simon, of course, loved this hike since he loves climbing around on rocks.  He couldn't get up on the big ones by himself, though, so we had to carry him part of the time.  

Back by the truck we sat down and rested a bit in this fabulous stand of Aspens before heading back down into town and going home.  Speaking of home, I can't find my HOME sign.  :(  I sure hope it's in one of our bags and that I didn't leave it somewhere.  :(

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